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Birds in Llanos de Caceres, Extremadura, Spain

Beautiful video of birds in this zone of Extremadura 

El secreto de los llanos, versión extendida from 1080 Lineas producciones on Vimeo.

There is a place in Extremadura keeping a fabulous natural treasure. Llanos de Caceres, it is just a wide extension of plains and pasture lands, near and arround the beautiful city of Caceres, north of Extremadura.

Despite its appearance, it is a paradise teeming with life. Here, human activity not only live in harmony with nature, but even promotes good environmental practices, following ancient farming traditions in many cases.

Llanos de Caceres has become one of the most important Special Protection Areas for birds in Southern Europe.

The Great Bustard is the queen here, majestic and always cautious, the heaviest flying bird in Spain. It's the perfect place for bustards to feed and reproduce under extensive crops and pastures.

We can see Great Bustards at every season, but maybe in spring is easier to locate and photograph.

There are numerous bird species that transform these upland plains on a stage full of life and color. White Stork, Montagu’s Harrier, Lesser Kestrel, Cattle Egret, Eagle Owl, Short-toed Eagle, Eurasian Sparrowhawk...

Birds of prey and livestock live in harmony and share ponds. And several rivers and swamps provide water.

Winter become a favorite resting place for a large numbers of migratory birds.

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